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Maxillofacial surgery requires the highest degree of commitment to medicine and great expertise. We work with two of the best maxillofacial surgeon in Coimbatore who have a double qualification in both medicine and dentistry.

Their focus is on the facial region. Maxillofacial surgeons work with a number of departments to bring their skills to bear on a whole host of diverse cases. From reconstructive surgery caused by severe trauma to the head caused by a motorcycle accident to surgery to excise a tumour of the mouth, the maxillofacial surgeon is prepared for every eventuality.

At Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery uses state-of-the-art technology to bring its immense collective expertise and experience to bear upon traumatic conditions with excellent outcomes.

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What is the duration of maxillofacial surgery?
Typically, routine surgery on one jaw requires one to two hours. It can take as long as three to five hours for surgery involving multiple procedures.
Afterwards, any surgery can cause some pain. Pain after the operation, some swelling around the face and even numbness in the lower face are the most common side effects that you should be aware of, but this tends to recover postoperatively.
By contrast, mandibular orthognathic surgery does not modify the nasal structure directly, but due to the new relationship between the chin and the nose, a relative change can occur, making it appear larger or smaller in comparison.
Since the area is hard to reach and at least one tooth is usually impacted, the process takes longer than a regular tooth extraction. Generally, this surgery takes between 45 and 90 minutes.


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